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Tigers repo preview Bears repo fight preview

Episode 1 Elimination

Dance You Ass Off Season 2 Episode 2 previously on The Reunion episode- “Repeated words”

Extreme Peril

Pepcon chemical plant explosion Snowmobile crash Car crashes

Dance On Sunset- Fergie Dance On Sunset- Back Stage Pass- Hollywood dance

Eavesdropping- The “New” counsel members fight with the towns people and “old” counsel members The districts compete in a “Town Challenge” which is a game game about Communication

A&F- The celebrities gear up to hit the streets A&F- Wee Man makes a bust A&F- Erik Estrada gives his autograph

Set for Life- ABC game show

Solitary- ball challenge Contestants compete for prizes by enduring tough conditions such as solitary confinement and sleep deprivation

ribgate- Kyle is pissed someone ate his ribs

SoCal Moto- a look at Dirt biking evolution Red Bull X-Alps- a look at the Red Bull event X-Alps paragliding