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Sample Work


Episode 1 Elimination

Dance You Ass Off Season 2 Episode 2 previously on The Reunion episode- “Repeated words”

Extreme Peril

Pepcon chemical plant explosion Snowmobile crash Car crashes

Dance On Sunset- Fergie Dance On Sunset- Back Stage Pass- Hollywood dance

Eavesdropping- The “New” counsel members fight with the towns people and “old” counsel members The districts compete in a “Town Challenge” which is a game game about Communication

A&F- The celebrities gear up to hit the streets A&F- Wee Man makes a bust A&F- Erik Estrada gives his autograph

Set for Life- ABC game show

Solitary- ball challenge Contestants compete for prizes by enduring tough conditions such as solitary confinement and sleep deprivation

ribgate- Kyle is pissed someone ate his ribs

SoCal Moto- a look at Dirt biking evolution Red Bull X-Alps- a look at the Red Bull event X-Alps paragliding

Feature film editor visit the official Port City film website Nancy (Jodie Sweetin) finds herself the unwitting recipient of attention from the unstable George (John Wesley Shipp) waiter David (Matt Lutz) finds himself flirting with a lonely attractive older woman (Barbara Alyn Woods). Jeanne (Natalie Canerday) has just about had enough of her boozing husband

Need For Speed Underground- game play intro Need For Speed Underground- G-Mac’s anger Need For Speed Underground- Carmen scared

Shrek 3 trailer- a look at Shrek 3 and the new characters and actors Shrek 3- Adventure featurette Shrek 3- Third times a charm featurette